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Slow Death® Aberdeen Hook

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    Blonde Red

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About this product

The Aberdeen Slow Death hook is an actual Aberdeen style pattern with a special kinked shank that, when threaded with half of a nightcrawler/earthworm and trolled at slow speeds, produces a wild, intense action and reaches areas that blade presentations typically won´t reach. This is a versatile technique in which the unique hook design creates an enticing corkscrew presentation that lets you present the bait in cracks, crevices and little corners that faster blade presentations skip. To set up the rig, attach a bottom-bouncer weight to your main line. Tie a 48”/122 cm mono or fluorocarbon leader to the bottom of bottom-bouncer. Thread half a night crawler/earthworm up the hook shank and over the hook eye. There should be up to 1/2"/1,5cm of nightcrawler/earthworm hanging off the hook. Row or use a trolling motor at speeds from 1mph/1kn to almost nothing, keeping just enough speed so the crawler spins. Use it to target Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Zander, Perch or Panfish. Available in Bronze, Blonde Red,14kt Gold finish, Chartreuse, Orange/Glow, Purple/Glow, Chartreuse/Orange, and Glow Green

  • 4.3 UltraPoint® technology
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point
  • Ringed eye
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Nor-Tempered

Specifications and variants

 Color/MaterialSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
33862NP-RB-2-10UBlonde Red#210In stock$3.49Current variant
33862NP-RB-1-25UBlonde Red#11In stock$5.99
33862NP-RB-1-10UBlonde Red#110In stock$3.49
33862NP-RB-2-25UBlonde Red#22In stock$5.99
33862NP-RB-4-10UBlonde Red#410In stock$3.49
33862NP-RB-4-25UBlonde Red#44In stock$5.99
33862NP-RB-6-10UBlonde Red#610In stock$3.49
33862NP-RB-6-25UBlonde Red#66Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-BR-1-10UBronze#110In stock$3.49
33862NP-BR-1-25UBronze#125Out of stock$5.49
33862NP-BR-2-10UBronze#210In stock$3.49
33862NP-BR-2-25UBronze#22In stock$5.49
33862NP-BR-4-10UBronze#410In stock$3.49
33862NP-BR-4-25UBronze#44In stock$5.49
33862NP-BR-6-10UBronze#610Out of stock$3.99
33862NP-BR-6-10UBronze#66Out of stock$3.99
33862NP-CH-1-8UChartreuse#11In stock$3.49
33862NP-CH-1-20UChartreuse#120Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-CH-2-20UChartreuse#22In stock$5.99
33862NP-CH-2-8UChartreuse#28In stock$3.49
33862NP-CH-4-20UChartreuse#44In stock$5.99
33862NP-CH-4-8UChartreuse#48In stock$3.49
33862NP-CO-4-20UChartreuse / Orange#28In stock$5.99
33862NP-CO-1-20UChartreuse / Orange#120Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-CP-1-20UChartreuse Purple#11In stock$5.99
33862NP-CP-1-8UChartreuse Purple#18In stock$3.49
33862NP-CP-2-20UChartreuse Purple#22In stock$5.99
33862NP-CP-2-8UChartreuse Purple#28In stock$3.49
33862NP-CP-4-20UChartreuse Purple#44Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-CP-4-8UChartreuse Purple#48In stock$3.49
33862NP-GG-1-8UGlow Green#11In stock$3.49
33862NP-GG-1-20UGlow Green#120In stock$5.99
33862NP-GG-2-8UGlow Green#22In stock$3.49
33862NP-GG-2-20UGlow Green#220In stock$5.99
33862NP-GG-4-20UGlow Green#44Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-GG-4-8UGlow Green#48In stock$3.49
33862NP-GL-1-25UGold#11In stock$5.99
33862NP-GL-1-10UGold#110In stock$3.49
33862NP-GL-2-10UGold#210In stock$3.49
33862NP-GL-2-25UGold#22In stock$5.99
33862NP-GL-4-10UGold#410Out of stock$3.49
33862NP-GL-4-25UGold#44In stock$5.99
33862NP-CO-1-8UOrange / Chartreuse#11Out of stock$3.49
33862NP-CO-2-20UOrange / Chartreuse#22In stock$5.99
33862NP-CO-4-8UOrange / Chartreuse#44In stock$3.49
33862NP-OG-1-20UOrange / Glow#11In stock$5.99
33862NP-OG-1-8UOrange / Glow#18In stock$3.49
33862NP-OG-2-20UOrange / Glow#22Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-OG-2-8UOrange / Glow#28In stock$3.49
33862NP-OG-4-20UOrange / Glow#44Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-OG-4-8UOrange / Glow#48Out of stock$3.49
33862NP-PG-1-20UPartridge#11Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-PG-1-8UPartridge#18Out of stock$3.49
33862NP-PG-2-20UPartridge#22Out of stock$5.99
33862NP-PG-2-8UPartridge#28In stock$3.49
33862NP-PG-4-20UPartridge#44In stock$5.99
33862NP-PG-4-8UPartridge#48In stock$3.49

Suitable for catching



Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Black crappie

Black crappie

Common carp

Common carp

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

White crappie

White crappie

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