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Trick Stick

2 reviews
11 anglers use it
In Stock

Selected variant:

  • Color:

    Black / Blue Metal Flake

  • Length:

    4in | 10cm

  • Quantity in Pack:


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About this product

The Trick Stick has been known in the bass fishing community as a reliable and affordable tool since our inception. Since then we have added more sizes and colors to make it an even more useful tool. Try the 3” or 4” on a ned rig or drop shot, try the 5” on literally anything, and try the 6” and 7” when you’re targeting larger fish. Our proprietary scent that we infuse into all our baits sets this stick bait apart from the rest. 4” (10 or 100 pack) 5” (8, 25, or 100 pack) 6” (8 or 100 pack) 7” (6 or 100 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
TS405Black / Blue Metal Flake4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50Current variant
TS557-100Baby Bass5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS557-25Baby Bass5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS557Baby Bass5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS430Black4in | 10cm10Out of stock$3.50
TS530-100Black5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS530-25Black5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS530Black5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS630-100Black6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS630Black6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS405-100Black / Blue Metal Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS505-100Black / Blue Metal Flake5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS505-25Black / Blue Metal Flake5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS505Black / Blue Metal Flake5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS605-100Black / Blue Metal Flake6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS605Black / Blue Metal Flake6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS705-100Black / Blue Metal Flake7in | 18cm100In stock$42.74
TS705Black / Blue Metal Flake7in | 18cm6In stock$5.21
TS408Black / Blue Swirl4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS408-100Black / Blue Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS508-100Black / Blue Swirl5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS508-25Black / Blue Swirl5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS508Black / Blue Swirl5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS608-100Black / Blue Swirl6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS608Black / Blue Swirl6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS305Black Blue3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS305-100Black Blue3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS319Black Blue Electric Blue3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS319-100Black Blue Electric Blue3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS419Black Blue Electric Blue4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS419-100Black Blue Electric Blue4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS519-100Black Blue Electric Blue5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS519-25Black Blue Electric Blue5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS519Black Blue Electric Blue5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS308Black Blue Swirl3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS308-100Black Blue Swirl3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS534-100Black Blue Tip5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS534-25Black Blue Tip5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS534Black Blue Tip5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS306Black Neon Chartreuse Tip3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS306-100Black Neon Chartreuse Tip3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS406Black Neon Chartreuse Tip4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS406-100Black Neon Chartreuse Tip4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS506-100Black Neon Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS506-25Black Neon Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS506Black Neon Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS549-100Blue Fleck5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS549-25Blue Fleck5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS549Blue Fleck5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS542-100Bold Gill5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS542-25Bold Gill5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS542Bold Gill5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS533-100Bullfrog5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS533-25Bullfrog5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS533Bullfrog5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS633-100Bullfrog6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS633Bullfrog6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS733-100Bullfrog7in | 18cm100In stock$42.74
TS733Bullfrog7in | 18cm6In stock$5.21
TS315Chartreuse Pepper3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS315-100Chartreuse Pepper3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS415Chartreuse Pepper4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS415-100Chartreuse Pepper4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS515-100Chartreuse Pepper5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS515-25Chartreuse Pepper5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS515Chartreuse Pepper5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS307Craw Orange Swirl3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS307-100Craw Orange Swirl3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS407Crawfish / Orange Swirl4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS407-100Crawfish / Orange Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS507-100Crawfish / Orange Swirl5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS507-25Crawfish / Orange Swirl5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS507Crawfish / Orange Swirl5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS607-100Crawfish / Orange Swirl6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS607Crawfish / Orange Swirl6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS707-100Crawfish / Orange Swirl7in | 18cm100Out of stock$42.74
TS707Crawfish / Orange Swirl7in | 18cm6Out of stock$5.21
TS555-100Crime Scene5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS555-25Crime Scene5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS555Crime Scene5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS537-100Daquiri5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$28.49
TS537-25Daquiri5in | 12.7cm25Out of stock$7.11
TS537Daquiri5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS314Green Pumpkin3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS314-100Green Pumpkin3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS414Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS414-100Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS514-100Green Pumpkin5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS514-25Green Pumpkin5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS514Green Pumpkin5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS614-100Green Pumpkin6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS614Green Pumpkin6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS714-100Green Pumpkin7in | 18cm100In stock$42.74
TS714Green Pumpkin7in | 18cm6In stock$5.21
TS520-100Green Pumpkin / Junebug5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS520-25Green Pumpkin / Junebug5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS520Green Pumpkin / Junebug5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS550-100Green Pumpkin Blue Swirl5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS550-25Green Pumpkin Blue Swirl5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS550Green Pumpkin Blue Swirl5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS540-100Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS540-25Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS540Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS545-100Green Pumpkin Magic5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS545-25Green Pumpkin Magic5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS545Green Pumpkin Magic5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS423Green Pumpkin Purple Flake4in | 10cm10Out of stock$3.50
TS523-100Green Pumpkin Purple Flake5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS523-25Green Pumpkin Purple Flake5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS523Green Pumpkin Purple Flake5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS526-100Green Pumpkin Red Flake5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS526-25Green Pumpkin Red Flake5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS526Green Pumpkin Red Flake5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS626-100Green Pumpkin Red Flake6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS626Green Pumpkin Red Flake6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS548-100Hematoma5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS548-25Hematoma5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS548Hematoma5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS527-100Huisache5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS527-25Huisache5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS527Huisache5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS310Junebug3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS310-100Junebug3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS410Junebug4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS410-100Junebug4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS510-100Junebug5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS510-25Junebug5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS510Junebug5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS536-100Junebug Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS536-25Junebug Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS536Junebug Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS552-100MAG5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS552-25MAG5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS552MAG5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS301Methiolate3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS301-100Methiolate3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS401Methiolate4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS401-100Methiolate4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS501-100Methiolate5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS501-25Methiolate5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS501Methiolate5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS546-100Okeechobee Craw5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS546-25Okeechobee Craw5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS546Okeechobee Craw5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS553-100Old Ugly5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS553-25Old Ugly5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS553Old Ugly5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS547-100Peanut Butter & Jelly (PB&J)5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS547-25Peanut Butter & Jelly (PB&J)5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS547Peanut Butter & Jelly (PB&J)5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS303Pearl Silver Flake3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS303-100Pearl Silver Flake3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS403Pearl Silver Flake4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS403-100Pearl Silver Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS503-100Pearl Silver Flake5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS503-25Pearl Silver Flake5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS503Pearl Silver Flake5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS603-100Pearl Silver Flake6in (15cm) Middle Wire / 4in (10cm) Outer Wire100In stock$35.14
TS603Pearl Silver Flake6in (15cm) Middle Wire / 4in (10cm) Outer Wire8In stock$4.74
TS556-100Politician5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS556-25Politician5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS556Politician5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS551-100Prime Rib5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS551-25Prime Rib5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS551Prime Rib5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS302Pumpkin Seed3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS302-100Pumpkin Seed3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS402Pumpkin Seed4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS402-100Pumpkin Seed4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS502-100Pumpkin Seed5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS502-25Pumpkin Seed5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS502Pumpkin Seed5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS304Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tip3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS304-100Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tip3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS404Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tip4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS404-100Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tip4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS504-100Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS504-25Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS504Pumpkin Seed Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS535-100Red Bug Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS535-25Red Bug Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS535Red Bug Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS554-100SA Special5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS554-25SA Special5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS554SA Special5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS538-100SS Shad5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS538-25SS Shad5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS538SS Shad5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS539-100Sexy Melon5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$28.49
TS539-25Sexy Melon5in | 12.7cm25Out of stock$7.11
TS539Sexy Melon5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$3.12
TS312Sour Grape3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS312-100Sour Grape3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS412Sour Grape4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS412-100Sour Grape4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS512-100Sour Grape5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS512-25Sour Grape5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS512Sour Grape5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS531-100Spinach5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS531-25Spinach5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS531Spinach5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS631-100Spinach6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS631Spinach6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS521-100Sunfish Laminate5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS521-25Sunfish Laminate5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS521Sunfish Laminate5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS621-100Sunfish Laminate6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS621Sunfish Laminate6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS525-100Sunfish Swirl5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS525-25Sunfish Swirl5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS525Sunfish Swirl5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS528-100TIlapia5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS528-25TIlapia5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS528TIlapia5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS628-100TIlapia6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS628TIlapia6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS728-100TIlapia7in | 18cm100Out of stock$42.74
TS728TIlapia7in | 18cm6Out of stock$5.21
TS541-100Tilapia Magic5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS541-25Tilapia Magic5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS541Tilapia Magic5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS317Watermelon Candy3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS317-100Watermelon Candy3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS417Watermelon Candy4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS417-100Watermelon Candy4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS517-100Watermelon Candy5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS517-25Watermelon Candy5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS517Watermelon Candy5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS617-100Watermelon Candy6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS617Watermelon Candy6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS318Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS318-100Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS418Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS418-100Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS518-100Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS518-25Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS518Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS522-100Watermelon Copper Green Flake5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS522-25Watermelon Copper Green Flake5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS522Watermelon Copper Green Flake5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS524-100Watermelon Pearl5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS524-25Watermelon Pearl5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS524Watermelon Pearl5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS624-100Watermelon Pearl6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS624Watermelon Pearl6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS724-100Watermelon Pearl7in | 18cm100In stock$42.74
TS724Watermelon Pearl7in | 18cm6In stock$5.21
TS313Watermelon Purple Swirl3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS313-100Watermelon Purple Swirl3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS413Watermelon Purple Swirl4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS413-100Watermelon Purple Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS513-100Watermelon Purple Swirl5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS513-25Watermelon Purple Swirl5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS513Watermelon Purple Swirl5in | 12.7cm8Out of stock$3.12
TS613-100Watermelon Purple Swirl6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS613Watermelon Purple Swirl6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS713-100Watermelon Purple Swirl7in | 18cm100In stock$42.74
TS713Watermelon Purple Swirl7in | 18cm6In stock$5.21
TS316Watermelon Red3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS316-100Watermelon Red3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS416Watermelon Red4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS416-100Watermelon Red4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS516-100Watermelon Red5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS516-25Watermelon Red5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS516Watermelon Red5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS616-100Watermelon Red6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS616Watermelon Red6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS716-100Watermelon Red7in | 18cm100In stock$42.74
TS716Watermelon Red7in | 18cm6In stock$5.21
TS543-100Watermelon Red Ghost5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS543-25Watermelon Red Ghost5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS543Watermelon Red Ghost5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS544-100Watermelon Red Magic5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS544-25Watermelon Red Magic5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS544Watermelon Red Magic5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS529-100Watermelon Red Magnum5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS529-25Watermelon Red Magnum5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS529Watermelon Red Magnum5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS311Watermelon Seed3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS311-100Watermelon Seed3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS411Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS411-100Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS511-100Watermelon Seed5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS511-25Watermelon Seed5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS511Watermelon Seed5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12
TS611-100Watermelon Seed6in | 15.2cm100In stock$35.14
TS611Watermelon Seed6in | 15.2cm8In stock$4.74
TS711-100Watermelon Seed7in | 18cm100In stock$42.74
TS711Watermelon Seed7in | 18cm6In stock$5.21
TS309Watermelon Seed Chartreuse Tip3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.12
TS309-100Watermelon Seed Chartreuse Tip3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$24.69
TS409Watermelon Seed Chartreuse Tip4in | 10cm10In stock$3.50
TS409-100Watermelon Seed Chartreuse Tip4in | 10cm100In stock$25.64
TS509-100Watermelon Seed Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm100In stock$28.49
TS509-25Watermelon Seed Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm25In stock$7.11
TS509Watermelon Seed Chartreuse Tip5in | 12.7cm8In stock$3.12

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Green sunfish

Green sunfish

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Spotted bass

Spotted bass

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