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Salt Tube

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    4in | 10cm

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About this product

Throwing a tube is still a foreign concept for many fishermen, which is a shame because it is a proven method for catching everything from smallies, largies and spots to walleye and even lake trout. Whether you’re stroking it, jigging it, flipping it, or throwing it weightless, the Salt Tube comes in a size and color that will work for the kind of fish you’re after. Hand dipped and loaded with heavy salt. 2.5" (10 pack) 3.5" (10 or 100 pack) 4" (8 or 100 pack) 6" (5 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
TUB4-15-10010994in | 10cm100In stock$57.00Current variant
TUB4-1510994in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-55Amber with Medium Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-55-100Amber with Medium Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-09-100Black Blue Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-09Black Blue Flake4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB4-06-100Black Blue Tail4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-06Black Blue Tail4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB4-01-100Black Neon4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-01Black Neon4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-80Bluegill3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-80-100Bluegill3.5in | 8.9cm100Out of stock$50.00
TUB35-44Broom Grass / Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-44-100Broom Grass / Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-01Broom Grass / Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-01-100Broom Grass / Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-30Broom Grass with Small Black Red3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-30-100Broom Grass with Small Black Red3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-17Buzz White Illusion Pepper3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-17-100Buzz White Illusion Pepper3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-11-100Crawfish Green Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-11Crawfish Green Flake4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-27Dark Melon Pepper3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-27-100Dark Melon Pepper3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-32Dark Melon with Black Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-32-100Dark Melon with Black Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB25-24GP Roadkill2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-24-100GP Roadkill3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB6-02Glow6in | 15.2cm5In stock$10.99
TUB35-41Green Neon with Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-41-100Green Neon with Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-07-100Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-07Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-07Green Pumpkin / Gold Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-07-100Green Pumpkin / Gold Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-13-100Green Pumpkin Copper4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-13Green Pumpkin Copper4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB25-68Green Pumpkin Orange Flake2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-68Green Pumpkin Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-68-100Green Pumpkin Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB25-38Green Pumpkin Pepper2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-38Green Pumpkin Pepper3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-38-100Green Pumpkin Pepper3.5in | 8.9cm100Out of stock$50.00
TUB35-08Green Pumpkin Pepper with Red Green3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-08-100Green Pumpkin Pepper with Red Green3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-24Green Pumpkin Roadkill3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-36Green Pumpkin with Black Blue3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-36-100Green Pumpkin with Black Blue3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-42Green Pumpkin with Black Green Gold3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-42-100Green Pumpkin with Black Green Gold3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-65Green Pumpkin with Black Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-65-100Green Pumpkin with Black Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-28Green Pumpkin with Black Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-28-100Green Pumpkin with Black Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-14Howie Pearltreuse3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-14-100Howie Pearltreuse3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-02-100Junebug4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-02Junebug4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB25-05Light Melon / Green Flake2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-21Light Melon Gold Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10Out of stock$5.99
TUB35-21-100Light Melon Gold Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100Out of stock$50.00
TUB35-05Light Melon Green Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-05-100Light Melon Green Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB25-59Light Melon Perch2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-11Light Melon with Black Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-11-100Light Melon with Black Orange Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-50Light Melon with Black Small Gold3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-50-100Light Melon with Black Small Gold3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-53Light Pumpkin with Medium Green Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-53-100Light Pumpkin with Medium Green Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB25-62Light Watermelon Small Red Flake2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-62Light Watermelon Small Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-62-100Light Watermelon Small Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-71Melon with Medium Black Medium Gold Halo3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-71-100Melon with Medium Black Medium Gold Halo3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB25-33Mustard2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-33Mustard3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-33-100Mustard3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-74No Bleed Chartreuse3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-74-100No Bleed Chartreuse3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB25-82Old Ugly2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-82Old Ugly3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-82-100Old Ugly3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-81Pearl3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-81-100Pearl3.5in | 8.9cm100Out of stock$50.00
TUB6-04Pearl6in (15cm) Middle Wire / 4in (10cm) Outer Wire5In stock$10.99
TUB35-59Perch Gill3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-59-100Perch Gill3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-05-100Pumpkin Pepper Green4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-05Pumpkin Pepper Green4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-34Pumpkin Pepper with Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-34-100Pumpkin Pepper with Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-03-100Pumpkin Seed4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-03Pumpkin Seed4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-78Sand Clear with Medium Black Orange Silver3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-78-100Sand Clear with Medium Black Orange Silver3.5in | 8.9cm100Out of stock$50.00
TUB25-64Smoke Black Purple Flake2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-64Smoke Black Purple Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-64-100Smoke Black Purple Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-08-100Smoke Red Pepper4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-08Smoke Red Pepper4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-35Smoke Silver Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-35-100Smoke Silver Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-39Smoke with Big Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-39-100Smoke with Big Red Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-52Smoke with Black Gold Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-52-100Smoke with Black Gold Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-51Smoke with Black Orange Gold3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-51-100Smoke with Black Orange Gold3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-54Smoke with Medium Black Medium Green3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-54-100Smoke with Medium Black Medium Green3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB35-46Smoke with Multi Green Red3.5in | 8.9cm10Out of stock$5.99
TUB35-46-100Smoke with Multi Green Red3.5in | 8.9cm100Out of stock$50.00
TUB4-14-100Watermelon Candy4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-14Watermelon Candy4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB4-12-100Watermelon Red Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-12Watermelon Red Flake4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB25-83Watermelon Seed2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB4-04-100Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-04Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB6-03White6in (15cm) Middle Wire / 4in (10cm) Outer Wire5In stock$10.99
TUB25-18White Illusion2.5in | 6.4cm10In stock$5.49
TUB35-18White Illusion3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-18-100White Illusion3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB4-10-100White Silver Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$57.00
TUB4-10White Silver Flake4in | 10cm8In stock$6.49
TUB35-79White with Silver Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm10In stock$5.99
TUB35-79-100White with Silver Black Flake3.5in | 8.9cm100In stock$50.00
TUB6-01Yellow6in (15cm) Middle Wire / 4in (10cm) Outer Wire5In stock$10.99

Suitable for catching

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Black bullhead

Black bullhead

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