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This product is not available. Maybe a similar one?

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  • Color:

    Black / Chartreuse Pearl

  • Length:

    2in | 5cm

  • Quantity in Pack:


Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

The Shad is a classic shape that has been catching everything that swims for decades. It’s forage-imitating action and many size options makes it a go-to for all species from crappie and bass to walleye and stripers. 2", 3" & 4" (10 or 100 pack) 5" (5 or 100 pack) 6" & 9" (25 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
SH210Black / Chartreuse Pearl2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29Current variant
SH210-100Black / Chartreuse Pearl2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH310Black / Chartreuse Pearl3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH310-100Black / Chartreuse Pearl3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH410Black / Chartreuse Pearl4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH410-100Black / Chartreuse Pearl4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH202Black / Yellow2in | 5cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH202-100Black / Yellow2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH302Black / Yellow3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH302-100Black / Yellow3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH402Black / Yellow4in | 10cm10Out of stock$2.49
SH402-100Black / Yellow4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH203Black Shad2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH203-100Black Shad2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH303Black Shad3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH303-100Black Shad3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH403Black Shad4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH403-100Black Shad4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH503-100Black Shad5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$96.00
SH503Black Shad5in | 12.7cm5Out of stock$5.49
SH604Blue Pearl Pepper6in | 15.2cm25Out of stock$33.00
SH904Blue Pearl Pepper9in | 22.9cm25Out of stock$76.00
SH601Blue Pearl Pepper / Black Back6in | 15.2cm25Out of stock$33.00
SH901Blue Pearl Pepper / Black Back9in | 22.9cm25Out of stock$76.00
SH212Blue Silver2in | 5cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH212-100Blue Silver2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH312Blue Silver3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH312-100Blue Silver3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH412Blue Silver4in | 10cm10Out of stock$2.49
SH412-100Blue Silver4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH213Chartreuse Shine2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH213-100Chartreuse Shine2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH313Chartreuse Shine3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH313-100Chartreuse Shine3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH413Chartreuse Shine4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH413-100Chartreuse Shine4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH513-100Chartreuse Shine5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$96.00
SH513Chartreuse Shine5in | 12.7cm5Out of stock$5.49
SH602Chartreuse Shine6in | 15.2cm25Out of stock$33.00
SH902Chartreuse Shine9in | 22.9cm25Out of stock$76.00
SH205Fire Tiger2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH205-100Fire Tiger2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH305Fire Tiger3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH305-100Fire Tiger3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH405Fire Tiger4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH405-100Fire Tiger4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH217Glow2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH217-100Glow2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH317Glow3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH317-100Glow3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH417Glow4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH417-100Glow4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH208Gold Shad2in | 5cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH208-100Gold Shad2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH308Gold Shad3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH308-100Gold Shad3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH408Gold Shad4in | 10cm10Out of stock$2.49
SH408-100Gold Shad4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH215Hot Pink / Silver2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH215-100Hot Pink / Silver2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH315Hot Pink / Silver3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH315-100Hot Pink / Silver3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH415Hot Pink / Silver4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH415-100Hot Pink / Silver4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH515-100Hot Pink / Silver5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$96.00
SH515Hot Pink / Silver5in | 12.7cm5Out of stock$5.49
SH204Natural Pro Blue2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH204-100Natural Pro Blue2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH304Natural Pro Blue3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH304-100Natural Pro Blue3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH404Natural Pro Blue4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH404-100Natural Pro Blue4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH214Pearl2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH214-100Pearl2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH314Pearl3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH314-100Pearl3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH414Pearl4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH414-100Pearl4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH514-100Pearl5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$96.00
SH514Pearl5in | 12.7cm5Out of stock$5.49
SH605Pearl6in | 15.2cm25Out of stock$33.00
SH905Pearl9in | 22.9cm25Out of stock$76.00
SH606Pearl / Black Back6in | 15.2cm25Out of stock$33.00
SH906Pearl / Black Back9in | 22.9cm25Out of stock$76.00
SH603Pearl / Blue Back6in | 15.2cm25Out of stock$33.00
SH903Pearl / Blue Back9in | 22.9cm25Out of stock$76.00
SH206Rainbow Trout2in | 5cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH206-100Rainbow Trout2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH306Rainbow Trout3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH306-100Rainbow Trout3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH406Rainbow Trout4in | 10cm10Out of stock$2.49
SH406-100Rainbow Trout4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH209Red / Pearl2in | 5cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH209-100Red / Pearl2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH309Red / Pearl3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$1.29
SH309-100Red / Pearl3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH409Red / Pearl4in | 10cm10Out of stock$2.49
SH409-100Red / Pearl4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH509-100Red / Pearl5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$96.00
SH509Red / Pearl5in | 12.7cm5Out of stock$5.49
SH207Reel Shad2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH207-100Reel Shad2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH307Reel Shad3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH307-100Reel Shad3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH407Reel Shad4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH407-100Reel Shad4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH216SS Shad2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH216-100SS Shad2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH316SS Shad3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH316-100SS Shad3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH416SS Shad4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH416-100SS Shad4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH201Silver Shad2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH201-100Silver Shad2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH301Silver Shad3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH301-100Silver Shad3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH401Silver Shad4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH401-100Silver Shad4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH218Sparkle Shad2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH218-100Sparkle Shad2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH318Sparkle Shad3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH318-100Sparkle Shad3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH418Sparkle Shad4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH418-100Sparkle Shad4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH211White2in | 5cm10Out of stock$3.29
SH211-100White2in | 5cm100Out of stock$21.00
SH311White3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$3.89
SH311-100White3in | 7.62cm100Out of stock$22.00
SH411White4in | 10cm10Out of stock$5.99
SH411-100White4in | 10cm100Out of stock$46.00
SH511-100White5in | 12.7cm100Out of stock$96.00
SH511White5in | 12.7cm5Out of stock$5.49

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

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This product is not available. Maybe a similar one?

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