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2" Fat Grub

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ColorLengthQuantity in Pack
Acid Rain2in10
In Stock
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About this product

The Fat Grub is a popular bait for many species, so we downsized it and developed new colors with crappie and panfish in mind. Our favorite way to fish this is to cast it out and slowly retrieve, but you can also jig it or troll it. 2" (10 or 100 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
FG2-08Acid Rain2in10In stock$1.79Current variant
FG2-08-100Acid Rain2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-11Acid Rain / Junebug2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-11-100Acid Rain / Junebug2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-16Bad Blood2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-16-100Bad Blood2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-05Black / Blue / Chart Silver2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-05-100Black / Blue / Chart Silver2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-51Black Sparkle2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-51-100Black Sparkle2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-12Black n Silver2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-12-100Black n Silver2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-04Black/Chart2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-04-100Black/Chart2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-49Blink2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-49-100Blink2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-23Blue / Silver2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-23-100Blue / Silver2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-48Blue Glitter Pearl2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-48-100Blue Glitter Pearl2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-55Blue Grass2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-02Blue Pearl Pepper2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-02-100Blue Pearl Pepper2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-32Blue Shiner2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-32-100Blue Shiner2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-46Blue Sparkle / Red Sparkle / Chart2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-46-100Blue Sparkle / Red Sparkle / Chart2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-20Bubblegum Chart2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-20-100Bubblegum Chart2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-21Bumble Bee2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-21-100Bumble Bee2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-19Chartreuse Pepper2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-19-100Chartreuse Pepper2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-33Chartreuse Shad2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-33-100Chartreuse Shad2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-03Chartreuse Shine2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-03-100Chartreuse Shine2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-13Checker2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-13-100Checker2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-42Crawdad2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-42-100Crawdad2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-54Dirty Milk2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-41Electric Chicken2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-41-100Electric Chicken2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-22Firetiger2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-22-100Firetiger2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-36Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-36-100Green Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-14Green Weenie2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-14-100Green Weenie2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-07Jaw Breaker2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-07-100Jaw Breaker2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-37Junebug - Chartreuse2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-37-100Junebug - Chartreuse2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-06Lemon Meringue2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-06-100Lemon Meringue2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-53Motor Oil Gold2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-29Opaque Chartreuse2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-29-100Opaque Chartreuse2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-44Opaque Chartreuse Glow2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-44-100Opaque Chartreuse Glow2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-31Orange / Chartreuse2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-31-100Orange / Chartreuse2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-17Orange/Yellow2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-17-100Orange/Yellow2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-27Parrot2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-27-100Parrot2in100Out of stock$11.99
FG2-43-100Pearl Glow10in100In stock$11.99
FG2-43Pearl Glow2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-28Pearl/Chartreuse Tail2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-28-100Pearl/Chartreuse Tail2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-26Pink / Yellow / Pearl2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-26-100Pink / Yellow / Pearl2in100Out of stock$11.99
FG2-40Pink/Blue Sparkle/Chart2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-40-100Pink/Blue Sparkle/Chart2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-18Pink/White2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-18-100Pink/White2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-15Popsicle2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-15-100Popsicle2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-34Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-34-100Pumpkin Chartreuse Tail2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-47Purple Glitter - Opaque Chart2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-47-100Purple Glitter - Opaque Chart2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-30Purple Opaque Chart / Pink2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-30-100Purple Opaque Chart / Pink2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-39Red / Black Lam Chart Tail2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-39-100Red / Black Lam Chart Tail2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-38Red / Chart2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-38-100Red / Chart2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-50Snot Rocket2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-50-100Snot Rocket2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-45TN Shad / Chart Glitter2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-45-100TN Shad / Chart Glitter2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-09Tennessee Shad2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-09-100Tennessee Shad2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-25Tractor Green2in10Out of stock$1.79
FG2-25-100Tractor Green2in100Out of stock$11.99
FG2-24Wally World2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-24-100Wally World2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-35Watermelon Ghost2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-35-100Watermelon Ghost2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-01White2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-01-100White2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-52Wildcat2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-52-100Wildcat2in100In stock$11.99
FG2-10Yellow Jacket2in10In stock$1.79
FG2-10-100Yellow Jacket2in100In stock$11.99

Suitable for catching

White bass

White bass

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