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Finesse Worm

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    4in | 10cm

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About this product

Sometimes the fish will bite just about anything you throw at them. Other times, finesse tactics are needed. That’s where the Finesse Worm comes in. Throw it on a drop shot, shaky head, wacky rig, neko rig, or even weightless. 4” (15 or 100 pack) 6” (10 or 100 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
FW405-100Black4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99Current variant
FW405Black4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-05Black6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-05-100Black6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW415-100Black Blue Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW415Black Blue Swirl4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-15Black Blue Swirl6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-15-100Black Blue Swirl6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW409-100Bluegill4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW409Bluegill4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-09Bluegill6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-09-100Bluegill6in | 15.2cm100Out of stock$25.99
FW410-100Bubble Gum4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW410Bubble Gum4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-10Bubble Gum6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-10-100Bubble Gum6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW403-100Chartreuse Pepper4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW403Chartreuse Pepper4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-03Chartreuse Pepper6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-03-100Chartreuse Pepper6in | 15.2cm100Out of stock$25.99
FW408-100Crawdad4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW408Crawdad4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-08Crawdad6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-08-100Crawdad6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW417-100Crawfish / Orange Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW417Crawfish / Orange Swirl4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-17Crawfish / Orange Swirl6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-17-100Crawfish / Orange Swirl6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW419-100Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW419Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-19Green Pumpkin6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-19-100Green Pumpkin6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW402-100Green Pumpkin / Texas Red4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW402Green Pumpkin / Texas Red4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-02Green Pumpkin / Texas Red6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-02-100Green Pumpkin / Texas Red6in | 15.2cm100Out of stock$25.99
FW418-100Junebug4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW418Junebug4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-18Junebug6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-18-100Junebug6in | 15.2cm100Out of stock$25.99
FW404-100Junebug / Bubble Gum4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW404Junebug / Bubble Gum4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-04Junebug / Bubble Gum6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-04-100Junebug / Bubble Gum6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW413-100Limetreuse4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW413Limetreuse4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-13Limetreuse6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-13-100Limetreuse6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW407-100Methiolate4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW407Methiolate4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-07Methiolate6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-07-100Methiolate6in | 15.2cm100Out of stock$25.99
FW411-100Pumpkin Seed4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW411Pumpkin Seed4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-11Pumpkin Seed6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-11-100Pumpkin Seed6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW406-100Sour Grape4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW406Sour Grape4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-06Sour Grape6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-06-100Sour Grape6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW420-100Tilapia Magic4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW420Tilapia Magic4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-20Tilapia Magic6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-20-100Tilapia Magic6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW412-100Watermelon Chartreuse4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW412Watermelon Chartreuse4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-12Watermelon Chartreuse6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-12-100Watermelon Chartreuse6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW416-100Watermelon Purple Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW416Watermelon Purple Swirl4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-16Watermelon Purple Swirl6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-16-100Watermelon Purple Swirl6in | 15.2cm100In stock$25.99
FW401-100Watermelon Red Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW401Watermelon Red Flake4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-01Watermelon Red Flake6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-01-100Watermelon Red Flake6in | 15.2cm100Out of stock$25.99
FW414-100Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm100In stock$25.99
FW414Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm15In stock$3.29
FW6-14Watermelon Seed6in | 15.2cm10In stock$3.29
FW6-14-100Watermelon Seed6in | 15.2cm100Out of stock$25.99

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