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  • Length:

    2.75in | 7cm

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Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

Many modern bass fishermen have gotten away from throwing chunk style trailers on their jigs. We believe that’s a mistake, and that the Chunk should still have a place in everyone’s tackle box. It doesn’t get any easier – just hook it through the center of the body and fish it behind your jig. 2.75” and 3.25” (10 or 100 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
CHU2751310992.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99Current variant
CHU27513-10010992.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU3251310993.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32513-10010993.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27510Black / Purple Flake2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27510-100Black / Purple Flake2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32510Black / Purple Flake3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32510-100Black / Purple Flake3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27511Black Blue Flake2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27511-100Black Blue Flake2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32511Black Blue Flake3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32511-100Black Blue Flake3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27512Black Blue Swirl2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27512-100Black Blue Swirl2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32512Black Blue Swirl3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32512-100Black Blue Swirl3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27504Black Neon2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27504-100Black Neon2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32504Black Neon3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32504-100Black Neon3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27505Black Neon Chartreuse Tail2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27505-100Black Neon Chartreuse Tail2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32505Black Neon Chartreuse Tail3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32505-100Black Neon Chartreuse Tail3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27509Craw Orange Swirl2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27509-100Craw Orange Swirl2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32509Craw Orange Swirl3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32509-100Craw Orange Swirl3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27501Green Pumpkin2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27501-100Green Pumpkin2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32501Green Pumpkin3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32501-100Green Pumpkin3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27503Pumpkin Pepper Green2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27503-100Pumpkin Pepper Green2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32503Pumpkin Pepper Green3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32503-100Pumpkin Pepper Green3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27508Sapphire Blue2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27508-100Sapphire Blue2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32508Sapphire Blue3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32508-100Sapphire Blue3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27506Watermelon Seed2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27506-100Watermelon Seed2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32506Watermelon Seed3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32506-100Watermelon Seed3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27502Watermelon Seed Red Flake2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27502-100Watermelon Seed Red Flake2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32502Watermelon Seed Red Flake3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32502-100Watermelon Seed Red Flake3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00
CHU27507White2.75in | 7cm10Out of stock$3.99
CHU27507-100White2.75in | 7cm100Out of stock$32.00
CHU32507White3.25in | 8.3cm10Out of stock$4.39
CHU32507-100White3.25in | 8.3cm100Out of stock$36.00

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

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