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Fighting Frog

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    4in | 10cm

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About this product

Our most versatile bait ever! The most obvious way to fish it is Texas rigged, but it's also great behind a jig, Carolina rig, and more. Dean Rojas, frog fishing legend and designer of the Fighting Frog, often uses it to follow up when a fish misses his topwater frog. Drew Cook won the 2022 Bassmaster Elite Series event on Santee Cooper using the 4" model in Tilapia Magic. The hook slot and added grooves allow the bait to collapse easily, which greatly increases your hookup ratio. Available in 3” (10 pack), 4” (7 or 25 pack), and 5” (5 pack)

Specifications and variants

 Lure ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
4RFF-37-25BTL4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99Current variant
4RFF-25-100Bama Bug4in | 10cm100Out of stock$39.99
4RFF-25-25Bama Bug4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-25Bama Bug4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-21-25Black Blue Flake4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-21Black Blue Flake4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
3RFF-09Black Blue Sapphire3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-09-25Black Blue Sapphire4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-09Black Blue Sapphire4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-09Black Blue Sapphire5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
3RFF-01Black Neon3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-01-25Black Neon4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-01Black Neon4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-19-25Black Neon / Watermelon Red Flake4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-19Black Neon / Watermelon Red Flake4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-19Black Neon / Watermelon Red Flake5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
3RFF-07Blue Fleck3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-07-25Blue Fleck4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-07Blue Fleck4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-28-25Bruised Melon4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-28Bruised Melon4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-20-25Can't Resist It4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-20Can't Resist It4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-22-25Candy Grass4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-22Candy Grass4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-30-25Chick Magnet4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-30Chick Magnet4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-27-25Confusion4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-27Confusion4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-27Confusion5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
4RFF-37Dirty Snow4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-35-25GP Flamethrower4in | 10cm25Out of stock$11.99
4RFF-35GP Flamethrower4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
3RFF-05Green Pumpkin3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-05-25Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-05Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-05Green Pumpkin5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
4RFF-23-25Green Pumpkin / Brown Swirl Blue Flake4in | 10cm25Out of stock$11.99
4RFF-23Green Pumpkin / Brown Swirl Blue Flake4in | 10cm7In stock$2.49
4RFF-33-25Green Pumpkin / Texas Red4in | 10cm25Out of stock$11.99
4RFF-33Green Pumpkin / Texas Red4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
3RFF-06Green Pumpkin / Watermelon Red Laminate3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-06-25Green Pumpkin / Watermelon Red Laminate4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-06Green Pumpkin / Watermelon Red Laminate4in | 10cm7Out of stock$4.99
5RFF-06Green Pumpkin / Watermelon Red Laminate5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
4RFF-36-25Green Pumpkin Purple Copper Flake4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-36Green Pumpkin Purple Copper Flake4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-15-25Hematoma4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-15Hematoma4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-15Hematoma5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
3RFF-08Junebug Red Flake3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-08-25Junebug Red Flake4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-08Junebug Red Flake4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-08Junebug Red Flake5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
4RFF-34-25Magician4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-34Magician4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
3RFF-03Okeechobee Craw3in | 7.62cm10In stock$1.99
4RFF-03-25Okeechobee Craw4in | 10cm25Out of stock$11.99
4RFF-03Okeechobee Craw4in | 10cm7In stock$2.49
3RFF-14Prime Rib3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-14-25Prime Rib4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-14Prime Rib4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-14Prime Rib5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
4RFF-29-25Red Melon4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-29Red Melon4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-24-25Rojas Big Texas Purple Flake4in | 10cm25Out of stock$11.99
4RFF-24Rojas Big Texas Purple Flake4in | 10cm7In stock$2.49
4RFF-26-25SA Special4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-26SA Special4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-32Sapphire Laminate4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-18-25Sunfish Laminate4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-18Sunfish Laminate4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
3RFF-04TIlapia3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-04-25TIlapia4in | 10cm25Out of stock$11.99
4RFF-04TIlapia4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-04TIlapia5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
4RFF-31Tilapia Craw4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
4RFF-16-25Tilapia Magic4in | 10cm25Out of stock$11.99
4RFF-16Tilapia Magic4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-16Tilapia Magic5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
3RFF-10Vegas Flash3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-10-25Vegas Flash4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-10Vegas Flash4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
3RFF-02Watermelon Red3in | 7.62cm10In stock$4.69
4RFF-02-25Watermelon Red4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-02Watermelon Red4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99
5RFF-02Watermelon Red5in | 12.7cm5In stock$5.49
4RFF-17-25White4in | 10cm25In stock$11.99
4RFF-17White4in | 10cm7In stock$4.99

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