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Craw Worm

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Selected variant:

  • Color:

    Black Blue Swirl

  • Length:

    3in | 7.62cm

  • Quantity in Pack:


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About this product

This is a good all around craw bait. It can be used on a shaky head, a jig trailer, texas rigged, and carolina rigged. 3" or 4" (10 or 100 pack)

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
CRW318Black Blue Swirl3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49Current variant
CRW305Black Blue / Electric Blue3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW305-100Black Blue / Electric Blue3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW405Black Blue / Electric Blue4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW405-100Black Blue / Electric Blue4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW318-100Black Blue Swirl3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW418Black Blue Swirl4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW418-100Black Blue Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW303Black Neon3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW303-100Black Neon3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW403Black Neon4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW403-100Black Neon4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW302Carolina Pumpkin3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW302-100Carolina Pumpkin3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW402Carolina Pumpkin4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW402-100Carolina Pumpkin4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW316Craw Orange Swirl3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW316-100Craw Orange Swirl3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW416Craw Orange Swirl4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW416-100Craw Orange Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW308Crawdad3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW308-100Crawdad3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW408Crawdad4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW408-100Crawdad4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW315Green Pumpkin3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW315-100Green Pumpkin3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW415Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW415-100Green Pumpkin4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW309Green Pumpkin / Texas Red3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW309-100Green Pumpkin / Texas Red3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW409Green Pumpkin / Texas Red4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW409-100Green Pumpkin / Texas Red4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW306Huckleberry3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW306-100Huckleberry3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW406Huckleberry4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW406-100Huckleberry4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW301Junebug3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW301-100Junebug3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW401Junebug4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW401-100Junebug4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW317Pumpkin Pepper Green3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW317-100Pumpkin Pepper Green3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW417Pumpkin Pepper Green4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW417-100Pumpkin Pepper Green4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW311Red Shad / Green Flake3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW311-100Red Shad / Green Flake3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW411Red Shad / Green Flake4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW411-100Red Shad / Green Flake4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW307Tequila3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW307-100Tequila3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW407Tequila4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW407-100Tequila4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW310Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW310-100Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW410Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW410-100Watermelon Chartreuse Laminate4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW304Watermelon Purple Swirl3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW304-100Watermelon Purple Swirl3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW404Watermelon Purple Swirl4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW404-100Watermelon Purple Swirl4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW314Watermelon Red3in | 7.62cm10Out of stock$2.49
CRW314-100Watermelon Red3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW414Watermelon Red4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW414-100Watermelon Red4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW313Watermelon Seed3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW313-100Watermelon Seed3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW413Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW413-100Watermelon Seed4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99
CRW312White3in | 7.62cm10In stock$2.49
CRW312-100White3in | 7.62cm100In stock$23.99
CRW412White4in | 10cm10In stock$2.99
CRW412-100White4in | 10cm100In stock$28.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

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