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  • Color:

    Albino Orange Belly

  • Length:

    3.75in | 9.5cm

  • Weight:

    0.25oz | 7.09g

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About this product

Inspired by experienced Scandinavian trollers for fisherman who want to catch big fish. The unique swimming lip on this bait causes water to flow over the shoulders of the bait eliciting a rocking motion that sets off visual flash along with a steady hunting action. Use medium tackle to feel the swimming action of the bait. Available in three sizes to cover a range of depth from 8′-25′ deep. Trolled at steady speeds, the Rumble B swims with a rolling action ideal for deep, slow moving fish; a fast troll provides a quicker action that is irresistible to active fish. Get ready to rumble!

Rumble B 09
LengthWeightDepthHooks 3-3/4”' 1/4oz 8-10 ft 2 This two hook killer is perfect for taking out fish 8-10 feet deep. Use 10-15 pound test with medium tackle for big action and high hit count while trolling or casting. Inspired by experienced Scandinavian fishermen for fishermen who want to catch big fish.
Rumble B 11
LengthWeightDepthHooks 4-1/4”' 3/8oz 10-14 ft 2 This is the ideal size for hunting walleye or lake trout running mid-depths. Medium tackle is preferred for great action. Can be casted to reefs or drop offs to search out lurking biggies. Its unique rolling action on retrieve lets the super sharp hooks do their work.
Rumble B 13
LengthWeightDepthHooks 5-1/4”' 5/8oz 16-21 ft 2 Its 5.25" length makes this the ideal lure for deep, aggressive predators. Long line freely with hefty tackle or go extra deep with lead core line or via planer boards - this model was built extra strong for hunting the biggest fish and for the biggest water bodies.

Specifications and variants

RBB9-AOBAlbino Orange Belly3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99Current variant
RMB09-AOBAlbino Orange Belly3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-AOBAlbino Orange Belly4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RBB11-AOBAlbino Orange Belly4.75in | 12.1cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RMB13-AOBAlbino Orange Belly5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB13-AOBAlbino Orange Belly5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RMB09-BLORBlood Orange3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-BLORBlood Orange4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-BLORBlood Orange5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB9-BBTBubblegum Tiger3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-BBTBubblegum Tiger4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-BBTBubblegum Tiger5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RMB09-CRTCarrot3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-CRTCarrot4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-CRTCarrot5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RMB09-GGold3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-GGold4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-GGold5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB9-GPGold Perch3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-GPGold Perch4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-GPGold Perch5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RMB09-GTGrape Tiger3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-GTGrape Tiger4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-GTGrape Tiger5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RMB09-GRBGreen Banana3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-GRBGreen Banana4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-GRBGreen Banana5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB9-HPHot Perch3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-HPHot Perch4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-HPHot Perch5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RBB9-LTLemon Tiger3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-LTLemon Tiger4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-LTLemon Tiger5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RMB09-PKBPink Banana3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-PKBPink Banana4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-PKBPink Banana5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RMB09-PPPink Punch3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-PPPink Punch4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-PPPink Punch5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RMB09-PBBPurple Bumble Bee3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-PBBPurple Bumble Bee4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-PBBPurple Bumble Bee5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB9-PRDTPurple Dot3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-PRDTPurple Dot4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-PRDTPurple Dot5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RBB9-PUPPurple Pearl3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-PUPPurple Pearl4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-PUPPurple Pearl5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RMB09-PSPurple Silver3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-PSPurple Silver4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-PSPurple Silver5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RMB09-PPTPurple Teal3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-PPTPurple Teal4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-PPTPurple Teal5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RMB09-PWPurple Wonder3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RBB9-PWPurple Wonder3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RMB11-PWPurple Wonder4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RBB11-PWPurple Wonder4.75in | 12.1cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RMB13-PWPurple Wonder5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB13-PWPurple Wonder5.75in | 14.6cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RMB09-REDSDRed Shad3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-REDSDRed Shad4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-REDSDRed Shad5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB9-SSilver3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-SSilver4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-SSilver5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RMB09-SBSilver / Blue3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gOut of stock$6.74
RMB11-SBSilver / Blue4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gOut of stock$6.74
RMB13-SBSilver / Blue5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gOut of stock$6.74
RBB9-SFCSilver / Fluorescent Chartreuse3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-SFCSilver / Fluorescent Chartreuse4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-SFCSilver / Fluorescent Chartreuse5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RBB9-SNZSneeze3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-SNZSneeze4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-SNZSneeze5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RBB9-SLAVSpotted Lava3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-SLAVSpotted Lava4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-SLAVSpotted Lava5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RBB9-SCSteel Chartreuse3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-SCSteel Chartreuse4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-SCSteel Chartreuse5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RBB9-WWWonder Bread3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-WWWonder Bread4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-WWWonder Bread5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99
RBB9-YPYellow Perch3.75in | 9.5cm0.25oz | 7.09gIn stock$9.99
RBB11-YPYellow Perch4.25in | 10.8cm0.375oz | 10.63gIn stock$9.99
RBB13-YPYellow Perch5.25in | 13.3cm0.625oz | 17.5gIn stock$9.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

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