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Twicer™ 9"

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Green Mackerel9inExtra Heavy
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About this product

Learn more about and Buy SpoolTek™ Twicer™ 9", Fishing Bait on Fishbrain Shop.

The Twicer™ 9” is a slender hard-bodied jerk bait with a replaceable soft tail. It casts very well and can be fished from the top to deeper water. It is also good for vertical finesse fishing. It glides horizontally, and lands tail up.

It can be steadily retrieved, jigged, or twitched. The concealed leader allows the use of the lighter leader for stealthier presentation and better lure action. Once the hook is set it pulls away from the lure, providing superior abrasion resistance and dramatically reduces fish loss due to shake-off.

Features SpoolTek™ Twicer™ 9"

  • Replaceable soft tail
  • It glides horizontally, and lands tail up
  • It is also good for vertical finesse fishing
  • Provides the superior abrasion resistance
  • Twicer™ 5.5” is a slender hard-bodied jerkbait
  • Concealed leader allows the use of the lighter leader for stealthier presentation

Technical Details

Hook Size : 7

Length : 9 inch

Buoyancy : Sinking

Weight : 2 1/2 | 4 1/2 oz

About SpoolTek

SpoolTek was created to overcome the unique challenges faced by snook fishermen in Florida. These fish can be extremely finicky, forcing fishermen to downsize their leaders to get a bite. Snooks are also equipped with razor-sharp gill plates and sandpaper-rough lips.

Specifications and variants

SKLHTW9XHGMKGreen Mackerel9inExtra HeavyIn stock$27.50Current variant
SKLHTW9SKGMKGreen Mackerel9inSinkingOut of stock$25.50
SKLHTW9XHMLTMullet9inExtra HeavyIn stock$27.50
SKLHTW9SKMLTMullet9inSinkingOut of stock$25.50
SKLHTW9XHSELSand Eel9inExtra HeavyIn stock$27.50
SKLHTW9SKSELSand Eel9inSinkingOut of stock$25.50
SKLHTW9XHWGTWhite Ghost9inExtra HeavyIn stock$27.50
SKLHTW9SKWGTWhite Ghost9inSinkingOut of stock$25.50

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