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Berkley® Trilene® Big Game™

223 reviews
3817 anglers use it
Line Break StrengthColorLength
100lb | 45.3kgClearN/A
Selected variant is out of stock

About this product

Learn more about and Buy Berkley® Trilene® Big Game™, Fishing Lines on Fishbrain Shop.

Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Line features incredible strength for confidence and control against the bruisers of the gamefish world. Along with strength, Big Game Monofilament Line is extremely shock and abrasion-resistant. The built-in controlled stretch and tough finish of this line protect it from hard-charging fish and underwater objects that would easily break a lesser line. From bass to bluefish, Berkley Trilene Big Game Monofilament Line is the choice of freshwater and saltwater anglers around the world.

One of the most popular monofilaments in North America due to its incredible strength, reliability and value. Extreme fighting power for big game fish -- saltwater or freshwater!

Features of Berkley® Trilene® Big Game™

  • Extreme fighting power for big fish game
  • Shock Resistant – Controlled stretch adds fighting power
  • Outstanding Knot Strength –Strong and durable holding power
  • Super Strong – Incredible strength for confidence and control
  • Extra Tough and Abrasion Resistant –Tough against rough or sharp objects

Technical Details

Diameter: 0.011 - 0.044 inch

Bait Length: 235 - 10800 yd (Select Bait length)

Break Strength: 8 - 100 lb (Select break strength)

Line Color: Clear | Coastal Brown | Green | Solar Collector | Steel Blue

About Berkley

The Berkley story is deeply rooted in the idea of the American Dream. It is about humble beginnings and unexpected success. It's about hard work, struggle, and tough times. From the beginning, Berkley has committed significant resources to research and development - a continuing strategy that has resulted in countless product innovations, including Berkley Trilene, the Lightning Rod, PowerBait, FireLine, and more recently Gulp.

Specifications and variants

 Line Break StrengthColorLengthAvailabilityPrice 
BGQS8C-PCR8lb | 3.6kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG3100-15100lb | 45.3kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BG5100-15100lb | 45.3kgClearN/AOut of stock$139.99
BGQS10C-1510lb | 4.5kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG110-1510lb | 4.5kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BGQS10C-CSB10lb | 4.5kgCoastal BrownN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS10C-2210lb | 4.5kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG110-2210lb | 4.5kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BGQS10C-8110lb | 4.5kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS10C-SB10lb | 4.5kgSteel BlueN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS10C-PCR10lb | 4.5kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS12C-8012lb | 5.4kgBlaze OrangeN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS12C-1512lb | 5.4kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG112-1512lb | 5.4kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BGQS12C-CSB12lb | 5.4kgCoastal BrownN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS12C-2212lb | 5.4kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG112-2212lb | 5.4kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BGQS12C-8112lb | 5.4kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS12C-SB12lb | 5.4kgSteel BlueN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS12C-PCR12lb | 5.4kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG3130-15130lb | 58.9kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS15C-8015lb | 6.8kgBlaze OrangeN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS15C-1515lb | 6.8kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG315-1515lb | 6.8kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BG115-1515lb | 6.8kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BGQS15C-CSB15lb | 6.8kgCoastal BrownN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS15C-2215lb | 6.8kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG115-2215lb | 6.8kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG315-2215lb | 6.8kgGreenN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS15C-8115lb | 6.8kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG315-8115lb | 6.8kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS15C-SB15lb | 6.8kgSteel BlueN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS15C-PCR15lb | 6.8kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS20C-8020lb | 9kgBlaze Orange20lb - 22mOut of stock$10.99
BG120-1520lb | 9kgClear2600 ydsOut of stock$39.99
BGQS20C-1520lb | 9kgClear650 ydsOut of stock$10.99
BG320-1520lb | 9kgClear7800 ydsOut of stock$109.99
BGQS20C-CSB20lb | 9kgCoastal Brown650 ydsOut of stock$10.99
BG120-2220lb | 9kgGreen2600 ydsOut of stock$39.99
BGQS20C-2220lb | 9kgGreen650 ydsOut of stock$10.99
BG320-2220lb | 9kgGreen7800 ydsOut of stock$109.99
BGQS20C-8120lb | 9kgSolar Collector650 ydsOut of stock$10.99
BG320-8120lb | 9kgSolar Collector7800 ydsOut of stock$109.99
BGQS20C-SB20lb | 9kgSteel Blue650 ydsOut of stock$10.99
BGQS20C-PCR20lb | 9kgPink Coral20lb - 22mOut of stock$10.99
BGQS25C-8025lb | 11.3kgBlaze OrangeN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS25C-1525lb | 11.3kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG125-1525lb | 11.3kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG325-1525lb | 11.3kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS25C-2225lb | 11.3kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG125-2225lb | 11.3kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG325-2225lb | 11.3kgGreenN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS25C-8125lb | 11.3kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG325-8125lb | 11.3kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS25C-SB25lb | 11.3kgSteel BlueN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS25C-PCR25lb | 11.3kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS30C-8030lb | 13.6kgBlaze OrangeN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS30C-1530lb | 13.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG130-1530lb | 13.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG530-1530lb | 13.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$139.99
BG330-1530lb | 13.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS30C-CSB30lb | 13.6kgCoastal BrownN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS30C-2230lb | 13.6kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG130-2230lb | 13.6kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG330-2230lb | 13.6kgGreenN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS30C-8130lb | 13.6kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG330-8130lb | 13.6kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS30C-SB30lb | 13.6kgSteel BlueN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS30C-PCR30lb | 13.6kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS40C-8040lb | 18.1kgBlaze OrangeN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS40C-1540lb | 18.1kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG140-1540lb | 18.1kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG340-1540lb | 18.1kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BG540-1540lb | 18.1kgClearN/AOut of stock$139.99
BGQS40C-CSB40lb | 18.1kgCoastal BrownN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS40C-2240lb | 18.1kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG140-2240lb | 18.1kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG340-2240lb | 18.1kgGreenN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS40C-8140lb | 18.1kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG340-8140lb | 18.1kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS40C-PCR40lb | 18.1kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS50C-8050lb | 22.6kgBlaze OrangeN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS50C-1550lb | 22.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG150-1550lb | 22.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG350-1550lb | 22.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BG550-1550lb | 22.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$139.99
BGQS50C-2250lb | 22.6kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG150-2250lb | 22.6kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG350-2250lb | 22.6kgGreenN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS50C-8150lb | 22.6kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG350-8150lb | 22.6kgSolar CollectorN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS50C-PCR50lb | 22.6kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG160-1560lb | 27.2kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG360-1560lb | 27.2kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BG560-1560lb | 27.2kgClearN/AOut of stock$139.99
BGQS60C-1560lb | 27.2kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG160-2260lb | 27.2kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG360-2260lb | 27.2kgGreenN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS60C-2260lb | 27.2kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS60C-PCR60lb | 27.2kgPink CoralN/AOut of stock$10.99
BG180-1580lb | 36.2kgClearN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG380-1580lb | 36.2kgClearN/AOut of stock$109.99
BG580-1580lb | 36.2kgClearN/AOut of stock$139.99
BG180-2280lb | 36.2kgGreenN/AOut of stock$39.99
BG380-2280lb | 36.2kgGreenN/AOut of stock$109.99
BGQS8C-158lb | 3.6kgClearN/AOut of stock$10.99
BGQS8C-228lb | 3.6kgGreenN/AOut of stock$10.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Channel catfish

Channel catfish

Blue catfish

Blue catfish

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass



Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

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Product Reviews

223 reviews
  • 97.74%The 97.74% users described this product as &quotDurable&quot
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  • 98.43%The 98.43% users described this product as &quotGood value&quot

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