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PowerBait® Power® Swimmer

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    3.8in | 9.7cm

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About this product

Learn more about and Buy Berkley PowerBait Power Swimmer, Fishing Bait on Fishbrain Shop.

Berkley PowerBait makes novice anglers good and good anglers great! Berkley scientists have spent over 25 years perfecting an irresistible scent and flavor - the exclusive PowerBait formula.

TFish love PowerBait so much they hold on 18 times longer, giving you the time and confidence to Feel More Bites - Set More Hooks and Catch More Fish!

Features of Berkley PowerBait Power Swimmer

  • Multi-purpose bait used for countless scenarios
  • More surface area allows for more flavor to be detected by fish
  • Reliable paddle tail actions that attract fish
  • Eye-popping colors
  • Multiple rigging options: weighted swim bait, jig head, A-rigs, spinnerbaits, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs

Technical Details:

Bait Length: 2.8 - 4.3 Inch (Select Size)
Package Count: 6 | 8

About Berkley

You have a passion for the sport. And so do we. That's what's made us the world's leading fishing tackle company. Passion. Berkley is the premium brand of fishing tackle that fuels your passion for fishing, offering the broadest array of innovative solutions developed by anglers who share your commitment to the sport.

Specifications and variants

 ColorLengthQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
PBCPS3-AYAyu3.8in | 9.7cm6In stock$5.99Current variant
PBCPS4-AYAyu4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS2.8-BMGBass Magic2.8in | 7.1cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS2-BMGBass Magic2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-BMGBass Magic3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-BMGBass Magic3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-BMGBass Magic4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS3.3-BSBlack Shad3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-BSBlack Shad3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-BSBlack Shad4.3in | 10.9cm6Out of stock$6.99
PBCPS2.8-BGFLBluegill Flash2.8in | 7.1cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-BGFLBluegill Flash3.3in | 8.4cm8In stock$5.99
PBCPS3-BGFLBluegill Flash3.8in | 9.7cm6In stock$5.99
PBCPS4-BGFLBluegill Flash4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS2.8-EBSElectric Blue / Chartreuse2.8in | 7.1cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS2-EBSElectric Blue / Chartreuse2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-EBSElectric Blue / Chartreuse3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-EBSElectric Blue / Chartreuse3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-EBSElectric Blue / Chartreuse4.3in | 10.9cm6Out of stock$6.99
PBCPS3.3-ELSElectric Shad3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-ELSElectric Shad3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-ELSElectric Shad4.3in | 10.9cm6Out of stock$6.99
PBCPS2.8-FPLFrench Pearl2.8in | 7.1cm8In stock$5.99
PBCPS2-FPLFrench Pearl2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-FPLFrench Pearl3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-FPLFrench Pearl3.8in | 9.7cm6In stock$5.99
PBCPS4-FPLFrench Pearl4.3in | 10.9cm6Out of stock$6.99
PBCPS2-GHPRGrasshopper2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS2.8-GPGreen Pumpkin2.8in | 7.1cm8In stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-GPGreen Pumpkin3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-GPGreen Pumpkin3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-GPGreen Pumpkin4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS2-MRMDMermaid2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS2-MORMotor Oil2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS2.8-PBRPPro Blue / Red / Pearl2.8in | 7.1cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS2-PBRPPro Blue / Red / Pearl2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-PBRPPro Blue / Red / Pearl3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS2-BYBRRainbow2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS2-RBSHRainbow Shad2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS3-RBSHRainbow Shad3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-RBSHRainbow Shad4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS3.3-SYSSDSexy Shad3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-SYSSDSexy Shad3.8in | 9.7cm6In stock$5.99
PBCPS4-SYSSDSexy Shad4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS2.8-SIFLSight Flash2.8in | 7.1cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-SIFLSight Flash3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-SIFLSight Flash3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-SIFLSight Flash4.3in | 10.9cm6Out of stock$6.99
PBCPS3-SVFLSilver Flash3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-SVFLSilver Flash4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS3.3-SSHRSilver Shiner3.3in | 8.4cm8In stock$5.99
PBCPS3-SSHRSilver Shiner3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-SSHRSilver Shiner4.3in | 10.9cm6In stock$6.99
PBCPS2-SNGSun Gill2in | 5cmN/AIn stock$5.99
PBCPS3.3-SNGSun Gill3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-SNGSun Gill3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS4-SNGSun Gill4.3in | 10.9cm6Out of stock$6.99
PBCPS3.3-TNSTennessee Shad3.3in | 8.4cm8Out of stock$5.99
PBCPS3-TNSTennessee Shad3.8in | 9.7cm6Out of stock$5.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Northern pike

Northern pike



Eurasian perch

Eurasian perch

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Spotted bass

Spotted bass

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13 reviews
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