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Berkley® Flicker Shad® Jointed

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Selected variant:

  • Color:

    Black Silver

  • Length:

    2in | 5cm

  • Weight:

    0.2oz | 6g

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About this product

Learn more about and Buy Berkley Flicker Shad Jointed, Fishing Bait on Fishbrain Shop.

Berkley paired its world-class bait design engineers with a team of pro-anglers which includes hard bait legend and expert, David Fritts, to simply create dream baits.

Flicker Shad jointed models feature a jointed tail for added tail wag – resulting in the most side flash and roll out of any Flicker Shad. Each bait is individually tank tested ensuring this proven all-purpose trolling bait works right out of the package.

Features of Berkley Flicker Shad Jointed

  • Size, profile, and dive depth imitate real shad
  • Jointed construction for maximum rattle and roll action
  • Features a slow rise
  • Individually tank tested
  • Equipped with sharp Fusion19 hooks

Technical Details:

Bait Length: 2 | 2 3/4 inch
Bait Size: 1/5 | 1/3 oz
Package Count: 1

About Berkley

You have a passion for the sport. And so do we. That's what's made us the world's leading fishing tackle company. Passion. Berkley is the premium brand of fishing tackle that fuels your passion for fishing, offering the broadest array of innovative solutions developed by anglers who share your commitment to the sport.

Specifications and variants

FFSH5J-BSVBlack Silver2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99Current variant
FFSH7J-BSVBlack Silver2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-BLUSMBlue Smelt2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-BLUSMBlue Smelt2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-CPRChartreuse Pearl2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-CPRChartreuse Pearl2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-CLEARClear2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-CLEARClear2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDEMSEmerald Shiner2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTFire Tiger2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTFire Tiger2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTATFFiretail Anti-Freeze2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTATFFiretail Anti-Freeze2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTCCFiretail Chrome Candy2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTCCFiretail Chrome Candy2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTGGFiretail Ghost Glitter2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTGGFiretail Ghost Glitter2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTHPFiretail Hot Perch2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTHPFiretail Hot Perch2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTBCFiretail MF Black Cougar2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTBCFiretail MF Black Cougar2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTFTFiretail MF Hot Firetiger2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTFTFiretail MF Hot Firetiger2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTRTAFiretail Red Tail2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTRTAFiretail Red Tail2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FTRSFiretail Rico Suave2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FTRSFiretail Rico Suave2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-FLGDFool's Gold2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-FLGDFool's Gold2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDBNDHD Blacknose Dace2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDBNDHD Blacknose Dace2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDBLGHD Bluegill2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDBLGHD Bluegill2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDEMSHD Emerald Shiner2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDFHMHD Fathead Minnow2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDFHMHD Fathead Minnow2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDSMLHD Smelt2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDSMLHD Smelt2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDSTSHD Spottail Shiner2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDSTSHD Spottail Shiner2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDTFSHD Threadfin Shad2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-KGFKingfisher2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-KGFKingfisher2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-PWPearl White2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-PWPearl White2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-PTPurple Tiger2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-PTPurple Tiger2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-RCSRacy Shad2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-RCSRacy Shad2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-RTRed Tiger2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gOut of stock$6.99
FFSH5J-RTRed Tiger2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLAWSlick Alewife2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLAWSlick Alewife2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLBPSlick Black Pearl2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLBPSlick Black Pearl2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLBASlick Blue Alewife2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLBASlick Blue Alewife2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLFTSlick Firetiger2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLFTSlick Firetiger2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLGASlick Green Alewife2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLGASlick Green Alewife2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLMSSlick Mouse2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLMSSlick Mouse2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLPBSlick Purple Bengal2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLPBSlick Purple Bengal2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SLSMSlick Smelt2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SLSMSlick Smelt2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-SPRSunset Perch2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-SPRSunset Perch2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-TBLRKTable Rock2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-TBLRKTable Rock2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDTFSThreadfin Shad2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH7J-HDYLPYellow Perch2.75in | 7cm0.33oz | 9.36gIn stock$6.99
FFSH5J-HDYLPYellow Perch2in | 5cm0.2oz | 6gIn stock$6.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass





Northern pike

Northern pike

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout

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