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    Electric Perch

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    0.0625oz | 1.77g

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About this product

• Features a lifelike “holographic” Baitfish-Image® body
• Flashes & flutters to imitate gamefishes’ most desired forage; a “young-of-the-year” minnow fry
• Deadly on Perch, Sunfish, Crappie, Walleye & Trout

The Forage Minnow® Fry mimics a juvenile panfish to catches perch, sunfish, crappies, walleyes and trout. The flat body generates an erratic action when vertically jigged, while the extended hook shank is ideal for tipping with soft plastics such as the IMPULSE™ Tapeworm.

Specifications and variants

 ColorWeightSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
FMUVF8-60Electric Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#82In stock$4.99Current variant
FMUVF8-25-60Electric Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMUVF6-60Electric Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#62In stock$4.99
FMUVF6-25-60Electric Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMUVF8-22Fire Tiger0.0625oz | 1.77g#82Out of stock$4.99
FMUVF8-25-22Fire Tiger0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMUVF6-22Fire Tiger0.094oz | 2.66g#62In stock$4.99
FMUVF8-20Glo Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#82Out of stock$4.99
FMUVF8-25-20Glo Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMUVF6-20Glo Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#62Out of stock$4.99
FMUVF6-25-20Glo Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMF8-23Gold Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#82In stock$4.99
FMF8-25-23Gold Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMF6-23Gold Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#62Out of stock$4.99
FMF6-25-23Gold Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMUVF8-23Green Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#82Out of stock$4.99
FMUVF8-25-23Green Perch0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMUVF6-23Green Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#62In stock$4.99
FMUVF6-25-23Green Perch0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMUVF8-26Pink Tiger0.0625oz | 1.77g#82Out of stock$4.99
FMUVF8-25-26Pink Tiger0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMUVF6-26Pink Tiger0.094oz | 2.66g#62In stock$4.99
FMUVF6-25-26Pink Tiger0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMUVF8-46Purple Tiger0.0625oz | 1.77g#82Out of stock$4.99
FMUVF8-25-46Purple Tiger0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMUVF6-46Purple Tiger0.094oz | 2.66g#62In stock$4.99
FMUVF6-25-46Purple Tiger0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMF8-11Silver Shiner0.0625oz | 1.77g#82In stock$4.99
FMF8-25-11Silver Shiner0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMF6-11Silver Shiner0.094oz | 2.66g#62Out of stock$4.99
FMF6-25-11Silver Shiner0.094oz | 2.66g#625In stock$40.99
FMF8-93N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#82In stock$4.99
FMF8-20N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#82In stock$4.99
FMF8-24N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#82Out of stock$4.99
FMF8-25N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#82Out of stock$4.99
FMF8-25-24N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMF8-25-25N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMF8-25-93N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMF8-25-20N/A0.0625oz | 1.77g#825Out of stock$39.19
FMF6-93N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#62Out of stock$4.99
FMF6-20N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#62Out of stock$4.99
FMF6-24N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#62Out of stock$4.99
FMF6-25N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#62Out of stock$4.99
FMF6-25-93N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMF6-25-20N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMF6-25-24N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99
FMF6-25-25N/A0.094oz | 2.66g#625Out of stock$40.99

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