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Sold by MANG Gear

Gator MANG

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    Arctic Blue

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About this product

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Our long-sleeve tees are super breathable to keep you fresh and cool in the sun or shade and they’re printed in the USA right in Pompano Beach, FL. When you wear MANG®, you join a movement of people who are banded together to protect, preserve, and restore our ecosystems. The future depends upon stewards stepping up to the cause to protect our Earth today.

The Gator MANG design was inspired by the Alligator, an iconic creature that takes full advantage of the Florida Everglades. This toothy yet versatile reptile is an apex predator that provides balance essential to the health of the River of Grass. The design incorporates our mangrove root pattern right into the Gator to help showcase your love for the MANGs we plant.

Features of Gator MANG

  • QUICK DRY: Moisture Wicking fabric dries fast, so you stay comfortable outdoors, on the job, or out fishing on the boat.
  • ODOR RESISTANT: Fight odors at the source, to stay fresh no matter what the day throws at you.
  • MULTI-USE: Whether you’re fishing the flats or relaxing on the beach, our all-season shirts are ready for adventure.
  • ALL SEASON: Did you know that MANG® shirts make an excellent base layer for colder climates, so you may get out and enjoy a day on the slopes?
  • MANG® TESTED: Hot or Cold our fabrics won’t stretch or shrink like average tees, even after hours of managing around town.
  • UPF 50 +: Sun protection built right into our 100% polyester fabrics, which means less sunscreen on you and in the water.

About MANG Gear

" MANG is an apparel company with a Buy One. Plant One. initiative. Every product plants a mangrove!

In 2015, twin brothers Keith and Kyle Rossin came together with one mission in mind – to change the world one mangrove at a time. Since then, we’ve built a global family of people who care about the water, environment, and the overall wellbeing of the great outdoors. We are stoked to be leading the movement for environmental change and restoration of our coastlines. However, we can’t do it without you, MANG®! "

Specifications and variants

MP1143LS-L-1Arctic BlueLOut of stock$37.49Current variant
MP1143LS-XXXL-1Arctic Blue3XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXXL-1Arctic Blue4XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-M-1Arctic BlueMOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-S-1Arctic BlueSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XL-1Arctic BlueXLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XS-1Arctic BlueXSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXL-1Arctic BlueXXLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXL-8Blue3XLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XXXXL-8Blue4XLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-L-8BlueLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-M-8BlueMOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-S-8BlueSOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XL-8BlueXLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XS-8BlueXSOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XXL-7Citrus2XLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XXXL-7Citrus3XLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XXXXL-7Citrus4XLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-L-7CitrusLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-M-7CitrusMOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-S-7CitrusSOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XL-7CitrusXLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XS-7CitrusXSOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XXL-8Columbia Blue2XLOut of stock$49.99
MP1143LS-XXL-22Gray2XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXL-22Gray3XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXXL-22Gray4XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-L-22GrayLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-M-22GrayMOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-S-22GraySOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XL-22GrayXLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XS-22GrayXSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXL-26Sage2XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXL-26Sage3XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXXL-26Sage4XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-L-26SageLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-M-26SageMOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-S-26SageSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XL-26SageXLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XS-26SageXSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXL-27Seagrass2XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXL-27Seagrass3XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXXL-27Seagrass4XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-L-27SeagrassLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-M-27SeagrassMOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-S-27SeagrassSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XL-27SeagrassXLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XS-27SeagrassXSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXL-32White2XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXL-32White3XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XXXXL-32White4XLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-L-32WhiteLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-M-32WhiteMOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-S-32WhiteSOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XL-32WhiteXLOut of stock$37.49
MP1143LS-XS-32WhiteXSOut of stock$37.49

Suitable for catching

Butterfly peacock bass

Butterfly peacock bass

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