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Mission Tackle Single Eye Round Head Jig

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    0.0625oz | 1.77g

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About this product

Learn more about and Buy Mission Tackle Single Eye Round Head Jig, Fishing Terminal Tackle on Fishbrain Shop.

The Mission Tackle Single Eye Jig is a true staple in a fisherman's tackle box. Having a bait keeper allows for both artificial and live bait to be used. Coming in a multitude of colors is just another reason this jig is a must-have.

Mission Tackle's Single Eye Jig Heads are a round head jig featuring Single Painted Eyes and a bronze long shank hook for use with live or artificial bait. The bright, durable finish is available in the best fish-catching colors

Features of Mission Tackle Single Eye Round Head Jig

  • Long Shank hook for live or artificial bait
  • Bright, durable finish in the best fish-catching colors
  • Available in single-tone colors

Technical Details

Size : 1 / 32 - 1(Select Variant)

Package Count: 3 | 5 | 6 | 7(Select Variant)

About Mission Tackle

Mission Tackle is a new tackle company, founded by Dan DeJaeghere to serve the needs of serious anglers looking for quality products that catch fish.As anglers, our Mission is to catch fish, and our products are designed to help you do just that. But Mission Tackle reflects more than just the passion and desire of anglers to enjoy their sport. Deep down, we are designed with a desire to make a difference in other people's lives, and Mission Tackle will work to do just that.

Specifications and variants

Β ColorWeightQuantity in PackAvailabilityPriceΒ 
JS-RH-MT-0050White1oz | 28g3In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0103Assorted0.0625oz | 1.77g7Out of stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0104Assorted0.125oz | 3.54g6Out of stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0105Assorted0.25oz | 7.09g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0106Assorted0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0002Black0.031oz | 0.89g7Out of stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0009Black0.0625oz | 1.77g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0016Black0.125oz | 3.54g6In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0023Black0.25oz | 7.09g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0030Black0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0037Black0.5oz | 14.17g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0044Black0.75oz | 21g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0005Chartreuse0.031oz | 0.89g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0012Chartreuse0.0625oz | 1.77g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0019Chartreuse0.125oz | 3.54g6In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0026Chartreuse0.25oz | 7.09g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0033Chartreuse0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0040Chartreuse0.5oz | 14.17g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0047Chartreuse0.75oz | 21g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0053Chartreuse1oz | 28g3In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0007Glow0.031oz | 0.89g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0014Glow0.0625oz | 1.77g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0021Glow0.125oz | 3.54g6In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0028Glow0.25oz | 7.09g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0035Glow0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0042Glow0.5oz | 14.17g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0049Glow0.75oz | 21g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0055Glow1oz | 28g3In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0006Lime Green0.031oz | 0.89g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0013Lime Green0.0625oz | 1.77g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0020Lime Green0.125oz | 3.54g6In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0027Lime Green0.25oz | 7.09g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0034Lime Green0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0041Lime Green0.5oz | 14.17g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0048Lime Green0.75oz | 21g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0054Lime Green1oz | 28g3In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0004Orange0.031oz | 0.89g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0011Orange0.0625oz | 1.77g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0018Orange0.125oz | 3.54g6In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0025Orange0.25oz | 7.09g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0032Orange0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0039Orange0.5oz | 14.17g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0046Orange0.75oz | 21g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0052Orange1oz | 28g3In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0003Pink0.031oz | 0.89g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0010Pink0.0625oz | 1.77g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0017Pink0.125oz | 3.54g6Out of stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0024Pink0.25oz | 7.09g5Out of stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0031Pink0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0038Pink0.5oz | 14.17g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0045Pink0.75oz | 21g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0051Pink1oz | 28g3In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0001White0.031oz | 0.89g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0008White0.0625oz | 1.77g7In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0015White0.125oz | 3.54g6In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0022White0.25oz | 7.09g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0029White0.375oz | 10.63g5In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0036White0.5oz | 14.17g4In stock$2.99
JS-RH-MT-0043White0.75oz | 21g4In stock$2.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Yellow perch

Yellow perch

Mayan cichlid

Mayan cichlid

Spotted bass

Spotted bass

White crappie

White crappie

White sturgeon

White sturgeon

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