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BaitBall Spinner Rig

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    Purple Pearl / Silver

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    0.75oz | 21g

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About this product

Learn more about and Buy LIVETARGET® BaitBall Spinner Rig: Fishing Bait on Fishbrain Shop.

With three different wire-frame sizes and two weights in each frame, the LIVETARGET BaitBall Spinner Rig is a versatile lure which can be fished at any depth zone. The three Teaser bodies and willow blade create a vibration and flash which call in nearby game fish.

When the predator sees the BaitBall, they will strike the Target body which is strategically placed away from the Teaser fish in the BaitBall. Anglers are able to utilize the Interchange System to quickly change or customize colours on the lure. Offered in 8 colours to match various water colour conditions. Interchange packs sold Separately. Freshwater and Saltwater.

Featuring a combination of anatomically accurate baitfish swimbaits with the added flash and vibration of a spinner blade, the Baitball Spinner Rig is a mouth-watering morsel that gamefish cannot resist. Outfitted with a single razor-sharp extra-wide gap hook that is located on the “target” swimbait, the “target” swimbait is positioned just below the squadron of “teaser” swimbaits to create a funnelling effect that draws bass into striking the hooked “target” swimbait

Features ofLIVETARGET® BaitBall Spinner Rig

  • The three Teaser bodies and willow blade create a vibration and flash which call in nearby game fish
  • This design allows the LIVETARGET Baitball Spinner Rig to stay in perfect alignment for powerful hook-sets and to produce maximum action as well
  • The Baitball Spinner Rig is also very versatile
  • Offered in 8 colours to match various water colour conditions. Interchange packs sold Separately. Freshwater and Saltwater

Technical Specification

Length: 3-1/2"

Weight: 1/2oz


LIVETARGET is a premiere fishing lure brand owned by Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp (2007) with headquarters in Ontario, Canada. Circulation is global throughout North America and other international markets.

Specifications and variants

 StyleWeightSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
MNSR21LG851Purple Pearl / Silver0.75oz | 21gLarge1In stock$14.71Current variant
MNSR7SM150Blood Red Minnow0.25oz | 7.09gSmall1Out of stock$11.39
MNSR11MD150Blood Red Minnow0.375oz | 10.63gMedium1Out of stock$12.34
MNSR11SM150Blood Red Minnow0.375oz | 10.63gSmall1Out of stock$11.39
MNSR14LG150Blood Red Minnow0.5oz | 14.17gLarge1Out of stock$13.29
MNSR14MD150Blood Red Minnow0.5oz | 14.17gMedium1Out of stock$12.34
MNSR21LG150Blood Red Minnow0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$13.29
MNSR21LG854Blue / Silver0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$14.71
MNSR11MD857Chartreuse / Silver0.375oz | 10.63gMedium1Out of stock$13.76
MNSR21LG857Chartreuse / Silver0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$14.71
MNSR7SM149Crystal Mylar0.25oz | 7.09gSmall1Out of stock$11.39
MNSR11MD149Crystal Mylar0.375oz | 10.63gMedium1Out of stock$12.34
MNSR11SM149Crystal Mylar0.375oz | 10.63gSmall1Out of stock$11.39
MNSR14LG149Crystal Mylar0.5oz | 14.17gLarge1Out of stock$13.29
MNSR14MD149Crystal Mylar0.5oz | 14.17gMedium1Out of stock$12.34
MNSR21LG149Crystal Mylar0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$13.29
MNSR21LG853Dark Amber / Gold0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$14.71
MNSR7SM152Gold Perch0.25oz | 7.09gSmall1Out of stock$11.39
MNSR11MD152Gold Perch0.375oz | 10.63gMediumN/AOut of stock$12.34
MNSR11SM152Gold Perch0.375oz | 10.63gSmallN/AOut of stock$11.39
MNSR14LG152Gold Perch0.5oz | 14.17gLarge1Out of stock$13.29
MNSR14MD152Gold Perch0.5oz | 14.17gMedium1Out of stock$12.34
MNSR21LG152Gold Perch0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$13.29
MNSR21LG852Green Pumpkin / Silver0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$14.71
MNSR21LG856Lime Chartreuse / Gold0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$14.71
MNSR11SM855Pearl White / Silver0.375oz | 10.63gSmall1Out of stock$12.81
MNSR14MD855Pearl White / Silver0.5oz | 14.17gMedium1Out of stock$13.76
MNSR21LG855Pearl White / Silver0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$14.71
MNSR7SM850Smoke / Silver0.25oz | 7.09gSmall1Out of stock$12.81
MNSR14MD850Smoke / Silver0.5oz | 14.17gMedium1Out of stock$13.76
MNSR21LG850Smoke / Silver0.75oz | 21gLarge1In stock$14.71
MNSR7SM151Smoke Mylar Minnow0.25oz | 7.09gSmall1Out of stock$11.39
MNSR11MD151Smoke Mylar Minnow0.375oz | 10.63gMedium1Out of stock$12.34
MNSR11SM151Smoke Mylar Minnow0.375oz | 10.63gSmall1Out of stock$11.39
MNSR14LG151Smoke Mylar Minnow0.5oz | 14.17gLarge1Out of stock$13.29
MNSR14MD151Smoke Mylar Minnow0.5oz | 14.17gMedium1Out of stock$12.34
MNSR14LG151Smoke Mylar Minnow0.75oz | 21gLarge1Out of stock$13.29

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Northern pike

Northern pike

Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

Spotted bass

Spotted bass

White bass

White bass

Black crappie

Black crappie

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40 reviews
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