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Mustad Beak Special Short Shank Hook

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About this product

The strong, forged Mustad Beak hook range features a reversed hook point for improved hook hold. It permits the point to come in contact with the mouth of the fish, without turning. The short shank provides for smaller baits. The beaked hook design offers great hookset and holding power throughout the fight. Depending on the size of the hook you can use it for targeting a whole range of species in fresh and saltwater. The MTL-V1 point combines a more efficient point design with a new sharpening process to enhance the quality. The result is a sharper, sleek new point shape with penetration resistance 50% lower than standard Classic Hook points! Mustad's Wire Technology and Nor-Tempering Process means that hooks are lighter and up to 30% stronger. Comes in Bronze, Nickel and 14kt Gold finish.

  • MVL-V1 point technology
  • Needle point
  • Reversed hook point
  • Short shank
  • Ringed eye
  • Forged
  • Nor-Tempering

Specifications and variants

 Color/MaterialSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
92671-BR-1-10Bronze110In stock$1.49Current variant
92671-BN-4-10Black Nickel#410Out of stock$0.29
92671-BN-1/0-50Black Nickel1/050Out of stock$1.49
92671-BN-1/0-8Black Nickel1/08Out of stock$1.39
92671-BN-2/0-50Black Nickel2/050Out of stock$1.09
92671-BN-3/0-50Black Nickel3/050Out of stock$2.00
92671-BN-4-10Black Nickel410Out of stock$0.29
92671-BN-4/0-50Black Nickel4/050Out of stock$2.00
92671-BN-6-50Black Nickel650Out of stock$1.00
92671-BR-1-10Bronze#110Out of stock$1.49
92671-BR-2-10Bronze#210Out of stock$1.49
92671-BR-4-10Bronze#410Out of stock$1.49
92671-BR-4-100Bronze#4100Out of stock$9.99
92671-BR-6-10Bronze#610Out of stock$1.49
92671-BR-1-100Bronze1100In stock$9.99
92671-BR-1-50RBronze150 ROut of stock$0.79
92671-BR-1/0-8Bronze1/0N/AIn stock$1.49
92671-BR-1/0-100Bronze1/0100In stock$10.99
92671-BR-1/0-40RBronze1/040 ROut of stock$0.79
92671-BR-1/0-8Bronze1/08Out of stock$1.49
92671-BR-10/0-100Bronze10/0100In stock$46.99
92671-BR-2-10Bronze210In stock$1.49
92671-BR-2-100Bronze2100Out of stock$9.99
92671-BR-2/0-8Bronze2/0N/AIn stock$1.49
92671-BR-2/0-100Bronze2/0100In stock$12.99
92671-BR-2/0-8Bronze2/08Out of stock$1.49
92671-BR-3/0-100Bronze3/0100In stock$13.99
92671-BR-3/0-8Bronze3/08In stock$1.49
92671-BR-4-10Bronze410In stock$1.49
92671-BR-4-100Bronze4100Out of stock$9.99
92671-BR-4/0-8Bronze4/0N/AIn stock$1.69
92671-BR-4/0-100Bronze4/0100In stock$16.99
92671-BR-4/0-8Bronze4/08Out of stock$1.69
92671-BR-5/0-8Bronze5/0N/AIn stock$1.69
92671-BR-5/0-100Bronze5/0100In stock$20.49
92671-BR-5/0-8Bronze5/08Out of stock$1.69
92671-BR-6-10Bronze610In stock$1.49
92671-BR-6-100Bronze6100In stock$9.99
92671-BR-6/0-100Bronze6/0100In stock$22.99
92671-BR-6/0-5Bronze6/05Out of stock$1.59
92671-BR-6/0-5Bronze6/05In stock$1.59
92671-BR-7/0-100Bronze7/0100In stock$25.99
92671-BR-7/0-5Bronze7/05In stock$1.69
92671-BR-8/0-100Bronze8/0100In stock$31.99
92671-BR-9/0-100Bronze9/0100In stock$37.99
92671-GL-1-10Gold#110Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-1-100Gold#1100Out of stock$12.99
92671-GL-10-100Gold#10100Out of stock$12.99
92671-GL-2-10Gold#210Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-2-100Gold#2100Out of stock$12.99
92671-GL-4-10Gold#410Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-6-10Gold#610Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-8-10Gold#810Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-8-100Gold#8100Out of stock$12.99
92671-GL-1-10Gold110In stock$1.99
92671-GL-1-100Gold1100In stock$12.99
92671-GL-1/0-8Gold1/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-GL-1/0-100Gold1/0100In stock$16.99
92671-GL-1/0-8Gold1/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-10-100Gold10N/AIn stock$12.99
92671-GL-10-10Gold1010In stock$1.99
92671-GL-12-10Gold1210In stock$1.99
92671-GL-12-100Gold12100In stock$12.99
92671-GL-2-100Gold2N/AIn stock$12.99
92671-GL-2-10Gold210In stock$1.99
92671-GL-2/0-8Gold2/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-GL-2/0-100Gold2/0N/AOut of stock$18.99
92671-GL-2/0-100Gold2/0100Out of stock$18.99
92671-GL-2/0-8Gold2/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-3/0-8Gold3/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-GL-3/0-100Gold3/0100In stock$22.99
92671-GL-3/0-8Gold3/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-4-100Gold4N/AOut of stock$12.99
92671-GL-4-10Gold410In stock$1.99
92671-GL-4-100Gold4100Out of stock$12.99
92671-GL-4/0-8Gold4/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-GL-4/0-100Gold4/0100In stock$23.99
92671-GL-4/0-8Gold4/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-5/0-8Gold5/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-GL-5/0-100Gold5/0100In stock$26.99
92671-GL-5/0-8Gold5/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-GL-6-100Gold6N/AIn stock$12.99
92671-GL-6-10Gold610In stock$1.99
92671-GL-6-100Gold6100Out of stock$12.99
92671-GL-8-100Gold8N/AIn stock$12.99
92671-GL-8-10Gold810In stock$1.99
92671-NI-1-10Nickel#110Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-1-100Nickel#1100Out of stock$11.99
92671-NI-2-10Nickel#210Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-2-100Nickel#2100Out of stock$11.99
92671-NI-4-10Nickel#410Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-4-100Nickel#4100Out of stock$11.99
92671-NI-6-10Nickel#610Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-1-10Nickel110In stock$1.99
92671-NI-1-100Nickel1100In stock$11.99
92671-NI-1/0-100Nickel1/0100Out of stock$14.99
92671-NI-1/0-1000Nickel1/01000Out of stock$14.69
92671-NI-1/0-40RNickel1/040 ROut of stock$0.79
92671-NI-1/0-50Nickel1/050In stock$7.99
92671-NI-1/0-8Nickel1/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-2-10Nickel210In stock$1.99
92671-NI-2-100Nickel2100In stock$11.99
92671-NI-2/0-100Nickel2/0100Out of stock$15.99
92671-NI-2/0-8Nickel2/08In stock$1.99
92671-NI-3/0-100Nickel3/0100In stock$17.99
92671-NI-3/0-40RNickel3/040 ROut of stock$0.89
92671-NI-3/0-8Nickel3/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-4-10Nickel410In stock$1.99
92671-NI-4-100Nickel4100In stock$11.99
92671-NI-4/0-100Nickel4/0100In stock$20.49
92671-NI-4/0-8Nickel4/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-5/0-100Nickel5/0100In stock$23.99
92671-NI-5/0-8Nickel5/08Out of stock$1.99
92671-NI-6-10Nickel610In stock$1.99
92671-NI-6-50RNickel650Out of stock$0.69
92671-NI-6/0-100Nickel6/0100In stock$25.99
92671-NI-1/0-8N/A1/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-NI-1/0-100N/A1/0N/AIn stock$14.99
92671-NI-2/0-100N/A2/0N/AIn stock$15.99
92671-NI-3/0-8N/A3/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-NI-4/0-8N/A4/0N/AIn stock$1.99
92671-NI-5/0-8N/A5/0N/AIn stock$1.99

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