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Mustad 1x Elite Football Jig Head

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  • Color:

    Matte Brown or Sand

  • Weight:

    0.5oz | 14.17g

  • Size:

    0.5oz | 14.2g

  • Quantity in Pack:


Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

The Mustad 1X extra strong wire Elite Series Football Heads are the product of 18 months of development and intensive work with Mustad pro staffers, Edwin Evers, Kevin VanDam and Mark Rose, among others. Featuring a unique football-shaped head. Mustad used a proprietary injection molding technique to create these new 100% unique jig heads. Perfect for fishing soft plastic bait in and around rocky terrain. The fishing technique can be varied endlessly, but applying a subtle, drag and shake will provide a very enticing lure action. Often the fall back to the bottom will bring most fish into striking mode. Each hook comes with cone-shaped rings to prevent your softbait from sliding off during casting or fighting fish. Also equipped with a horizontal ringed hook eye to help prevent snags and a cavity in the head to add your own weedguard. Each hook is forged and has black nickel finish. They also feature Mustads Opti Angle Needle hook point for faster hook sets and maximum durability.

  • 4.3 UltraPointtechnology
  • Opti Angle needle point
  • 1X extra strong wire
  • Ringed eye
  • Forged
  • 33898NP-BN hook
WeightHook size

Specifications and variants

 ColorWeightSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
FH898-1/2-MBR-3Matte Brown or Sand0.5oz | 14.17g0.5oz | 14.2g3Out of stock$6.49Current variant
FH898-1/8-MBL-3Matte Black0.125oz | 3.54g0.125oz | 3.54g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/16-MBL-3Matte Black0.1875oz | 5.3g0.1875oz | 5.32g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/4-MBL-3Matte Black0.25oz | 7.09g0.25oz | 7.09g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/8-MBL-3Matte Black0.375oz | 10.63g0.375oz | 10.63g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/2-MBL-3Matte Black0.5oz | 14.17g0.5oz | 14.2g3Out of stock$6.49
FH898-1/8-MBR-3Matte Brown or Sand0.125oz | 3.54g0.125oz | 3.54g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/16-MBR-3Matte Brown or Sand0.1875oz | 5.3g0.1875oz | 5.32g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/4-MBR-3Matte Brown or Sand0.25oz | 7.09g0.25oz | 7.09g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/8-MBR-3Matte Brown or Sand0.375oz | 10.63g0.375oz | 10.63g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/8-MOGR-3Matte Ol. Green0.125oz | 3.54g0.125oz | 3.54g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/16-MOGR-3Matte Ol. Green0.1875oz | 5.3g0.1875oz | 5.32g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/4-MOGR-3Matte Ol. Green0.25oz | 7.09g0.25oz | 7.09g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/8-MOGR-3Matte Ol. Green0.375oz | 10.63g0.375oz | 10.63g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/2-MOGR-3Matte Ol. Green0.5oz | 14.17g0.5oz | 14.2g3Out of stock$6.49
FH898-1/8-PL-3Plain0.125oz | 3.54g0.125oz | 3.54g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/16-PL-3Plain0.1875oz | 5.3g0.1875oz | 5.32g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/4-PL-3Plain0.25oz | 7.09g0.25oz | 7.09g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-3/8-PL-3Plain0.375oz | 10.63g0.375oz | 10.63g3Out of stock$5.49
FH898-1/2-PL-3Plain0.5oz | 14.17g0.5oz | 14.2g3Out of stock$6.49

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Freshwater drum

Freshwater drum

Nile Tilapia

Nile Tilapia



Smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass

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