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Mustad Demon® Wide Gap Perfect Circle Hook

27 reviews
159 anglers use it
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    Black Nickel

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Selected variant is out of stock


About this product

The Mustad Demon® Wide Gap Perfect Circle Hook is a true circle hook featuring a wide gap, offering the best hookup ratios. No wonder it is so popular among tournament fishermen. It features 3X extra heavy wire, 2X extra short shank, making it perfect to battle heavier and bigger fish. The distinct curved shape of the circle hook will, when the fish takes the baited hook and swallows it, ensure that the hook travels to the corner of the mouth or lip, resulting in fewer deep-hooked fish. The circle hook can be used for a whole range of applications from drifting with live bait for Tarpon or trolling for Marlin with bridle rigged live bait to deep-dropping for Swordfish. When live baiting always choose a hook size that matches the bait. Setting the hook is more of a firm tightening of the line, than an actual strike. It is in other words, the ultimate Catch&Release hook. Use it to target Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish, Sharks, Halibut, Wahoo, Amberjack, Permit or Alligator Gar. This hook is Tournament Approved by the Billfish Foundation.

  • 3 UltraPoint technology
  • Opti-Angle Needle Point
  • Wide gap
  • 3X extra heavy wire
  • 2X extra short shank
  • Ringed eye
  • Chemically sharpened
  • Nor-Tempered
  • Billfish Foundation approved
  • Black nickel finish

Specifications and variants

 Color/MaterialSizeQuantity in PackAvailabilityPrice 
39950NP-BN-10/0-25UBlack Nickel10/025Out of stock$30.99Current variant
39950NP-BN-2-10UBlack Nickel#210Out of stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-2-25UBlack Nickel#225Out of stock$11.99
39950NP-BN-1/0-10UBlack Nickel1/010In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-1/0-25UBlack Nickel1/025In stock$11.99
39950NP-BN-10/0-5UBlack Nickel10/05In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-11/0-10UBlack Nickel11/010In stock$22.99
N/ABlack Nickel11/010 UOut of stock$199.99
39950NP-BN-11/0-3UBlack Nickel11/03In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-12/0-10UBlack Nickel12/010In stock$29.99
N/ABlack Nickel12/010 UOut of stock$199.99
39950NP-BN-12/0-2UBlack Nickel12/02In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-14/0-10UBlack Nickel14/010In stock$47.99
N/ABlack Nickel14/010 UOut of stock$199.99
39950NP-BN-14/0-2UBlack Nickel14/02In stock$11.99
39950NP-BN-16/0-10UBlack Nickel16/010Out of stock$61.99
39950NP-BN-16/0-2UBlack Nickel16/02Out of stock$13.99
39950NP-BN-2/0-10UBlack Nickel2/010In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-2/0-25UBlack Nickel2/025Out of stock$11.99
39950NP-BN-3/0-10UBlack Nickel3/010In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-3/0-25UBlack Nickel3/025In stock$11.99
39950NP-BN-4/0-25UBlack Nickel4/025Out of stock$15.99
39950NP-BN-4/0-7UBlack Nickel4/07In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-5/0-25UBlack Nickel5/025Out of stock$15.99
39950NP-BN-5/0-7UBlack Nickel5/07In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-6/0-25UBlack Nickel6/025In stock$15.99
39950NP-BN-6/0-7UBlack Nickel6/07In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-7/0-25UBlack Nickel7/025In stock$15.99
39950NP-BN-7/0-6UBlack Nickel7/06In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-8/0-25UBlack Nickel8/025Out of stock$18.99
39950NP-BN-8/0-6UBlack Nickel8/06In stock$8.99
39950NP-BN-9/0-25UBlack Nickel9/025Out of stock$18.99
39950NP-BN-9/0-5UBlack Nickel9/05In stock$8.99

Suitable for catching

Largemouth bass

Largemouth bass

Channel catfish

Channel catfish

Butterfly peacock bass

Butterfly peacock bass

Red drum

Red drum

Common snook

Common snook

Mangrove snapper

Mangrove snapper

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Product Reviews

27 reviews
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