Crowdsourcing for Conservation

Hold onto your wide-brimmed fishing hats: Fishbrain and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service have teamed up to use the power of crowdsourced app data for conservation.

How it works is simple: (1) Fishbrain anglers log sightings of endangered species in the app; (2) Fishbrain shares the information with the USFWS; (3) the USFWS then uses the information to build a much more comprehensive picture of the field situation for endangered animals. 

This project means that you have a chance to contribute to the conservation of endangered species. Just go fishing, keep your eyes peeled for endangered animals, and capture the Moments that count with Fishbrain.

There's more to this project. A lot more. You might want to know which 50 aquatic species are on the endangered list, for starters. Lucky for you, this is where you get more information. (And that's also where you see a lot more awesome pictures.)