Best Bass Lures: Blue Fox Inline Spinner Review

One of the Best Bass Lures?

by Nichole Delio

There's nothing like catching a nice bass on an inline spinner. When that fish wants that bait, it will hit it, and it will hit it hard. There is no better feeling in the world than when you are spinning that lure along, everything is quiet, maybe something catches your eye, and out of nowhere...BAM! FISH ON!


Why I Love the Blue Fox

One of my go-to lures is the Blue Fox inline spinner. And not only is it my favorite inline spinner, but my absolute favorite lure of all; I consider it my confidence lure. That's because I have caught so many fish on it, including bass, catfish, crappie, bluegill, and sunfish.

Another reason I love this lure so much is that you can really feel when that fish first grabs on.


The flash and action is irresistible to fish. With the blue fox, they stay on more than any other of my lures. I have not lost many fish with this lure. It is definitely made well. It's also very easy to use. You just tie it on, cast, and reel in with a nice and slow, steady retrieve.


They make many different sizes; as you go up, not only do the spinning blades get larger, but the hooks as well. They have sizes 0-6. They have many different colors, but my favorite one is the blue color. It's always worked best for me. In terms of size, I always stick with a number 2 and a number 3.

The number 2 is perfect for smaller fish such as bluegill and smaller catfish, as well as smaller bass. The number 3 is perfect for those hogs. I've caught anywhere from a pound up to almost 6 pound bass and catfish; I've also caught 1 pound crappies.

The price is reasonable, being only $4 for one.


The only downside, and I do mean ONLY, is that I have lost a lot of them. Because they are made so well, and their hooks are always so sharp, they grab onto EVERYTHING. I've lost them in trees, in the water on logs, and hooked on rocks. In fact, if they ever drained half the ponds and lakes around my house, they would find tons of my Blue Foxes at the bottom. But with this lure, the good outweighs the bad; the number of fish I have caught with it makes it all worth it.

Strong Buy

In my humble opinion, every fisherman new and experienced should have a Blue Fox spinner in their tackle box.

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